What Exactly Does Digital Marketing Include?

The term “digital marketing” is vast and while we assume, we have a vague idea of what exactly it entails, there is a good chance we haven’t got the full picture. Digital marketing is not only limited to online marketing but includes all other mainstream marketing methods that have a digital element to it.

Since it is vast there are many mediums that are included in it. Here are some streams of digital marketing that companies use in order to promote and advertise. It is important for businesses to use a range of these platforms in order to maximize the outcome.

Social Media marketing

This form of marketing is definitely the largest portion of digital marketing and is of course online marketing. It includes using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as they are the most diverse and often used.

The content posted, engagement with followers, fans and potential clients are all in order to promote whatever it is the business is aiming at advertising. Social media marketing is easily the most used as the reach can be aimed at the specific target market unlike mass scale advertising. However similar to all marketing strategies there are drawbacks involved as well.

Content marketing

Blogs or online articles are the best example of content marketing. It is aimed at creating a relationship with the potential customer by providing accurate, concise and relevant information on a product or service.

It includes words on how to use, the advantages of and why the product or service should be tried out. Content on specific products or services are a great way to promote what your business is aiming at selling as customers rely on them before making a purchase.

Affiliate marketing

Another form of digital marketing services includes affiliate marketing. The difference between these types of marketing is that the business does not pay to generate traffic but rather for the conversion. They outsource their advertising to different mediums to generate sales from them.

The best example for this would be paying a blogger to include your product or service in their work or adding links to your pages through other mediums such as apps. When users see your URL, they will be directed to your page and make a purchase there.

Television advertising

Everyone has witnessed this form of digital marketing. It is when an advertisement is aimed at the general public. However, there are times when television advertisements have been aired at a specific time for a certain target audience.

Companies marketing children’s food such as cereals or supplements may air their advertisements during cartoon time in order to attract their target audience. Although the reach is unclear since there is no feedback, television advertising has been used for the longest time and has been deemed a worthy and profitable form of digital marketing.

A company’s marketing strategy has to be made up of different forms of digital marketing. Using an ad agency to find out the most suitable for your business is recommended.

What Exactly Does Digital Marketing Include?
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